Joint Inverted Indexing

Yan Xia Kaiming He Fang Wen Jian Sun
University of Science
and Technology of China
Microsoft Research Asia Microsoft Research Asia Microsoft Research Asia


Inverted indexing is a popular non-exhaustive solution to large scale search. An inverted file is built by a quantizer such as k-means or a tree structure. It has been found that multiple inverted files, obtained by multiple independent random quantizers, are able to achieve practically good recall and speed.

Instead of computing the multiple quantizers independently, we present a method that creates them jointly. Our method jointly optimizes all codewords in all quantizers. Then it assigns these codewords to the quantizers. In experiments this method shows significant improvement over various existing methods that use multiple independent quantizers. On the one-billion set of SIFT vectors, our method is faster and more accurate than a recent state-of-the-art inverted indexing method.